SEO For Lawyers – How To Get Your Law Firm Ranked Locally?

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Nowadays, people’s attention spans are criminally short. If you’re not right in front of their faces, you’re likely to get ignored. As a law firm, you can’t afford to get ignored when the internet provides such an amazing opportunity to get discovered. So, how will your prospective clients find you on the internet? You will create a strong and visible online presence, helping you survive and thrive as you move into the digital age.

SEO for lawyers is very important as a tool that helps you rank highly on search engines. That way, you can be one of the first firms that pop up whenever your target clientele searches for a service that you offer. In the sections below, we will take a look at what SEO has to offer your law firm. how best to optimize a law niche website to rank highly on Google.

The value of SEO for your law firm

Search Engine Optimization is core to your marketing strategy. Especially in a day and age where almost every law firm is taking their marketing and customer interactions online. Optimizing your website increases your visibility to potential clients based on specific and related keywords they may use. In other words, when people ask Google law-related questions, it’s you who provides the answers.

SEO for lawyers is key for your firm as a way to establish it as an authority in whatever niche – e.g. family or corporate law – or even as a general, versatile law firm. The audience’s psyche works in such a way that websites that come up in the first few results pages are automatically considered credible. All you have to do is back this up with great content and you will have earned their respect and interest.

SEO also has a positive impact on your business’ ROI (return on investment). Setting up a website and keeping it stocked with relevant information is an investment of time, labor, and even money. The last thing anyone wants is to put in all that effort. only to end up at the backend of results pages that no client will ever think of checking out. With the visibility that comes with optimization, the possibility of converting your audience to clients is much higher.

How to rank high in your area

You have seen why SEO for lawyers is important for your business. now let’s take a look at how to work the system to have it work for you. Here are 5 foolproof but masterful strategies that will help you improve your law firm’s website search engine ranking in your area. 

#1 Create an informative and relevant landing page

Gone are the days when search engines like Google relied solely on things like keyword density to rank websites. Today, developers and content creators for websites have to get more creative to stand out. As Google does tweaks to make its ranking system smarter, the bar for high quality content has never been higher.

In addition to helping you stand out directly to the search engine. an informative and relevant landing page will help indirectly by keeping users longer on your page. The longer they stay reading through and learning, the better your page looks to the search engine.

Therefore, whether it is answering specific legal questions or giving general legal advice, make sure to be engaging, creative, and relevant.

#2 Crank up the visuals

Images and videos will help more with user engagement for higher ranking than it will with meeting the algorithm’s ranking requirements. This may be a little hard for more technical niches like law. However, the last thing any audience wants is to be met by a wall of text when reading through a website.

Therefore, switch things up by including informative videos or images to keep the audience engaged. Remember, the longer they stay on the site, the higher your chances of high rankings on the search engine results.

#3 The power of feedback – What do your previous clients have to say?

Reviews and testimonials are especially important for law firm service pages. You want the potential clients to have an idea of what they can expect from you. There is nothing better than the objective perspective of someone who has actually seen your firm at work. Identify opportunities and recommendations to improve your Law firm’s reputation.

Google Reviews in particular play a huge role in determining the search engine’s specific priority ranking for results. If your law firm has many, positive reviews through the platform, you are very likely to rank highly. Therefore, it is important to consider making formal requests to current and former clients for feedback through Google Reviews. Just don’t tell them what to say.

#4 Geographic optimization

One of the biggest mistakes that businesses make when it comes to website optimization is failure to make the content and the site location-specific. This is especially important for law firm websites where laws and the relevant feedback to trending queries may be jurisdiction-specific.

Make sure to include location-specific keywords in your content. It could be something as simple as “trial lawyer in Town A” but it will make all the difference. Make sure to include the specific location keyword in high interest sections of the content like the title or the metadescription.

You could also geographically optimize your law firm’s landing pages by including specific location keywords in your website URL address.

#5 Factor in legal trends

Another important tip when it comes to SEO for lawyers is to keep up with legal trends locally, and nationally. Remember that in addition to the visibility, you want to establish your site as an authority and credible source of information. Therefore, predict the questions before they even come by keeping up with legal perspectives of trending matters.

It is also important to figure out what the legal trends in your target area are. Is it a high crime area where trial and defense lawyers are considered in high demand? Are civil litigation queries common? Whatever it is, use that information to determine what you include in your site to keep it informative and relevant.

Bottom line

If you want to give your law firm an edge over the competition. SEO for lawyers is a sine qua non. It will minimize uncertainty when it comes to getting local customers and can also help you become an international legal portal that educates and informs, which also boosts your Google ranking. So, use our tips and the many online resources to build or revamp a website. that will get the search engine’s attention, landing you in front of people’s faces.

Sumon is the CMO of the SumoDrive SEO company. He has over 8+ years of experience in the SEO and ORM industry.

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